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    Event Information
Event: 2017 Football vs. Mississippi State
Venue: Kyle Field
Location: College Station, TX
Event Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017
Event Start Time: 12:00 am CDT
Gates/Doors Open: 12:00 am CDT
Kyle Field
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Ask Range: $60.00 - $2,500.00 per ticket
Bid Range: $24.00 - $175.00 per ticket
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South 3rd Deck34820Up To 6$60.00
South 3rd Deck347142$60.00
South 3rd Deck349172$62.00
South 3rd Deck344182$64.99
South 3rd Deck344184 sold$64.99
South 3rd Deck34219Up To 4$65.00
South 3rd Deck347192$65.00
South 3rd Deck346112$69.00
South 3rd Deck34217Up To 4$69.99
North Upper Deck419161$70.00
South 3rd Deck343352$70.00
North Upper Deck410162$70.00
North Upper Deck41621Up To 12$74.99
South 3rd Deck34625Up To 4$75.00
North Upper Deck42011Up To 4$75.00
South 3rd Deck344192$75.00
South 3rd Deck344322$75.00
South 3rd Deck347172$75.00
South 3rd Deck34993 sold$75.00
South 3rd Deck344122$80.00
South 3rd Deck347142$80.00
South 3rd Deck347192$80.00
North Upper Deck41018Up To 2$80.00
North Upper Deck419113$85.00
South 3rd Deck34629Up To 4$85.00
South 3rd Deck34814Up To 2$85.00
North 1st Deck118342 sold$85.00
North Upper Deck412182$87.50
North Upper Deck41811Up To 4$89.99
North Upper Deck419123$90.00
South 2nd Deck24391$90.00
South 3rd Deck342124$90.00
South 3rd Deck33912Up To 4$95.00
South 3rd Deck34812Up To 4$95.00
South 2nd Deck2427Up To 4$98.00
North Upper Deck4132Up To 4$99.00
South 3rd Deck343224$100.00
South 3rd Deck34535Up To 4$100.00
South 3rd Deck34824Up To 4$100.00
North Upper Deck42112Up To 4$100.00
North Upper Deck415103$100.00
South 3rd Deck34832$100.00
North Upper Deck412222$100.00
North Upper Deck415282$100.00
North Upper Deck419132$100.00
South 2nd Deck24491$100.00
West & Prime West Seating401112$100.00
West & Prime West Seating408132$100.00
South 2nd Deck24042$100.00
South 2nd Deck24492$100.00
240 Items Page of 5
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